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by remotecontrol rf (2018-03-28)

In recent years, burglary statistics have continued to increase. To best protect yourself, there is a wide choice between several types of alarms: wireless alarm, wired alarm...


Wired alarms, components and advantages

Wired alarms are transmitter and receiver kit alarm systems whose components are connected together by cables. This type of device is formed by a central, a siren as well as detectors. The main advantages of wired alarms are their security and reliability. Indeed, it is very difficult to hack them and any attempt to cut wires is quickly detected. In addition to these advantages, wired alarms are economical and suffer less interference due to their power supply operation. In addition, it has a service life of up to 10 years. Since the components of this device are powered by the house's electrical system, they do not require battery changes. The maintenance of the device is greatly simplified.


Wireless alarms, details

The wireless alarm, as its name suggests, is a radio link device. The information between the components is transmitted by radio signals. A wireless alarm consists of a central unit, intrusion detectors and remote controls. This device also has a siren and a telephone transmitter. The advantages of the wireless alarm are its ease of installation. Aesthetic and discreet, this system is also modular and scalable. With a wireless alarm, it is possible to add functionalities in case of need, among others, a flash, an additional detector. In terms of reliability, manufacturers have developed functions such as self-protection, automatically triggering the alarm in case of attempted sabotage.


Wireless alarm - wired, for which applications

The choice of an alarm rf remote system depends on the environment of the habitat to be protected. The wired version is the ideal solution for the protection of companies, factories, warehouses or offices, but also for multi-storey dwellings or dwellings under construction. The wireless alarm, on the other hand, allows use in inaccessible places as well as small surface real estate.