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Medicine has existed for a large number of years, amid the vast majority of which it was a craftsmanship (a region of expertise and information) as often as possible having associations with the religious and philosophical... Read more


by Clair Wilson (2017-02-06)

some interesting ideas..especially those about Al-Jahiz and Tusi talking about evolutionary medicane way before Darwin..never thought something like this may be researched by Islamic researchers because of the religion but i... Read more


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medicine based on evolutionary biology?

by Susan James (2017-05-16)

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Comparative Analysis

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Como Terminar Com Celulite Das Coxas E também Gluteos Em Poucos Dias Melhor remédio na luta em oposição a estrias e celulites! Os tratamentos destinado a celulite descritos na ciência médica internacional estão divididos... Read more

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