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by 2885 Terri M Holland (2016-07-13)

Thank you for explaining the issue of Bodily integrity and male circumcision. I think that it is a huge part of many religions and cultures. As for me, you have indicated many useful thoughts about it and your essay is... Read more

great work

by Mr Mike Hernandez (2017-02-08)

Bodily integrity and male circumcision

by Burgos Calle Sophia Whitehead (2017-02-15)

Really, it IS as of now unlawful under US law. Real Integrity is a medico-lawful term and in addition a term relating to human rights. The laws as of now exist which make circumcision unlawful, Help with essay writing... Read more

great work

by Mr Philip Baker (2017-02-28)

great work

by Ms Linda Ward (2017-03-04)