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by Lexie Kings (2017-03-18)

We - researchers at the paper writing service - believe that religion is a bio-evolutionary survival mechanism devised by groups or tribes of ancient hunter-gatherers back when life was nasty, brutal and short, nights were long and dark and ghostly dreams were scary. Unsophisticated uneducated humans sought agency in everything about them. Later, with civilization, priests (and later regions, states and even kingdoms) under the feigned idea of original sin infecting all (including future offspring!), sought the authority and CONTROL over the desires of Man, and took over the exclusive interface between believers and the heavens. It worked, though only somewhat. 
Today, it is hard for religionists to shed their faith as many have a very strong life-long emotional attachment from the religious regimentation their neuropsychiatric systems received as gullible young children. Also, the fiction of an afterlife (religious fear and guilt) was a powerful attractant utilized by priests and clergy as an additional means of control devised before the existence of a police force or protective government. 
Also, the myriad and complicated rituals of religion attempt to provide a level of certainty and assurance in a very uncertain world. Church attendance thereby fostered community and trust (and trade!). 
Science has the right tools to determine truth (reason, rationality, empiricism) wheras religion does not (dogma, personal revelation, faith). 
Nevertheless, most religionists and atheists want the same thing, but can disagree strongly at times, and some are very intolerant (oppression, violence, terrorism!) of others (certain only they are right!). 
The next appropriate step is a "de-education in faith" but cannot be forced on others. Science and technology are great at determining truth and improving quality of life but may not be so good at finding meaning after the death of God. Religion may yet grow in regions or countries where opportunities for education, health, jobs and security remain weak. 
Stop looking upwards, look forward.