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by GIBSON SHILOH Jerry C Rogers (2016-03-31)

The book American Muslim Women: Negotiating Race, Class, and Gender Within the Ummah by Jamillah Karim is great. The two largest ethnic Muslim groups in the U.S. are African American Muslims and South Asian Muslim. We have... Read more

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by Tori Wilson (2016-09-07)

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by Lucille Simmons (2017-04-24)

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by Lucille Simmons (2017-04-24)

It is a good publish and all of the factors within this proportion may be very powerful and attractive too. It help us make an consciousness about this subject matter. Awesome blog.....Without a doubt respect your... Read more

Should American Muslim Women be Required to Wear Skirts

by Walter Scott (2017-05-24)

A muslim woman is required to observe the proper hijaab when leaving her home (this includes the veil covering from head to toe, not specific to just the hair)- in the cases if a woman beautifies herself or if the place... Read more


by alice brant (2017-05-30)


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by alice brant (2017-05-30)

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by ajo terbaik (2017-06-10)

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by Marlene Saffan (2017-06-20)

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by tanya bansal (2017-07-05)

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by cs joshi (2017-07-08)

The two largest ethnic Muslim groups in the U.S. are African American Muslims and South Asian Muslim. Pics Watermark Pipes Restaurants Mirror  has been the useful information

Taking screenshots in iOS 11: hands-on with 10+ handy tips

by cs joshi (2017-07-15)

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Taking screenshots in iOS 11: hands-on with 10+ handy tips

by cs joshi (2017-07-15)

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by Ashish Kochaar (2017-07-19)

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by loribrunstdge loribrunstdge loribrunstdge (2017-07-21)

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American Medical Association

by alice brant (2017-07-31)

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Circumcision easily does violate

by alice brant (2017-08-07)

Circumcision easily does violate the Hippocratic oath, possibly it must be renamed the Hypocritic oath. It additionally violates ethics, legality and uncomplicated human rights and whilst the foreskin is offered, its... Read more

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by Saarav Singh (2017-08-09)

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by anuj pandit (2017-08-10)

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by Thomas Petter (2017-08-14)

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by Thomas Petter (2017-08-14)

In the uproar encompassing the American Academy of Pediatrics' support of circumcision this week, a solitary inquiry Cheap Essay Services  stays unanswered: Does newborn child circumcision abuse essential human rights?... Read more

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by Thomas Petter (2017-08-14)

The institute's position that circumcision gives deep rooted medical advantages depends on new confirmation and contrasts Essay Writing Service UK  essentially from its last open position, in 1999, which held that there... Read more


by Robert Jack (2017-08-17)

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by Stephen Lennon (2017-08-27)

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by Thomas Johan (2017-08-30)

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by dedy jeremy (2017-08-31)

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handful of schools in North America

by alice brant (2017-10-18)

There are currently only a handful of schools in North America accredited by the Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges (AANMC). Here's a link that tells you a bit more about the AANMC that also provides... Read more

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by Ellie Treweek (2017-10-25)

This topic has been something that I have been looking for a few hours. Unfortunately, even in XXI century Muslim women feel some difficulties from native culture postulates and from nowadays American reality. Tour... Read more


by Tuyên Thành Đoàn (2017-12-14)


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by flawless angle (2017-12-23)

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by flawless angle (2017-12-24)

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by flawless angle (2017-12-25)

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by Celina Alex (2018-01-15)

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by Hen jung (2018-01-25)


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by Mamie Ramos (2018-02-02)

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by siena william (2018-02-03)

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Very good explanation

by Lauren Desouza (2018-02-08)

Only few website shared such kind of stuff related to Muslim Women like this wonderful website where I found a book review of American Muslim Women which is about Negotiating Race, Class, and Gender within the Ummah... Read more